Youth Ministry Distinctives

Mission: To strengthen relationships with God and parents through ministry designed to produce disciples.

We believe a disciple is a follower who produces other followers.

We believe the greatest portion of responsibility for a young person's spiritual training rests with the parents.

We believe youth ministry should support the parents in that responsibility rather than create a sub-church of teens or position a youth leader to be a surrogate parent.

We believe the Bible is God's personal communication to us and is the final authority and guide for life.

We believe fun is an important thing but not the only thing.

We believe young people can serve the Lord in almost every capacity an adult can. Effective youth ministry should challenge them to do so.

We believe young people respond to compassionate challenge.

We believe serving God with all our hearts is the most interesting challenging and exciting thing we will ever do.

Teens and parents together in the Lord.

Why our youth ministry is different!